In First Person is a is a trans life project initiated by Daniel Mariblanca in collaboration with the filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann, inspired and performed by transgender people from Norway and abroad.

It consists of three singular pieces that function apart while simultaneously creating one coherent work:

The House [Digital] / The Festival / The Dance

Through exploring and connecting different art forms with research and the academic perspective, the project gives space and visibility to personal transgender experiences with the aim to elaborate and deepen discussions about gender identity, collective transgender history and social norms. We aim to create space and visibility for every unique story from the first person perspective.

Transgender identities are not only influenced by gender experiences. They are intersected by other factors such as family and community support, educational access, internalised dysphoria, personal dreams, age, health, work opportunities, nationality, class and access to medical treatments. These factors and more are defining how transgender people are included and function in society. They also directly and indirectly affect the individual choices related to existing in a social construction. To understand the complexity of our transgender existences one must be aware of the relationship our societal connections create on the spectrum of gender diversity within the trans community.